The Vič Primary School is the biggest primary school in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It covers all the areas of primary school work in Slovenia.

The school is dedicated to young pupils with many extra-curriculum activities and therefore it fits the fairy tales project. In fact, the school organizes and participates in many projects addressed to improving the quality of learning.

Furthermore, our school is very attentive to the harmonious development of children and is always seeking to provide them with tools and activities useful to the realization of the same.

In the school year 2014/2015, through the voluntary participation of the students and with the consent of their parents, was organized a volunteer service in the form of peer support for learning in the classroom.

Again in the year 2014/2015, the school with other partner schools implemented the project: "Raising the social and cultural capital of the local community", under the auspices of the European Social Fund and the School for leadership. The purpose of the project is to implement programs to increase the social and cultural capital in kindergartens, schools and in the local community with the aim to inspire children to the intergenerational and intercultural cooperation.

Since December 2014, the Vič Primary School has been using the SIQ KzP-011 Model of Quality for Future Education based on the W. Edwards Deming Cycle which describes a simple method to test information before making a major decision. The 4 steps in the Deming Cycle are: Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA).The cycle can be used in various ways, such as running an experiment: PLAN (design) the experiment; DO the experiment by performing the steps; CHECK the results by testing information; and ACT on the decisions based on those results.

The school participated from November 2014 to September 2017 in the Erasmus + strategic partnership project ECHILDART - Every child is an artist- implemented in collaboration with six schools from Bulgaria (Sofia), Hungary (Vezto), France (Ste-Marie-aux-Mines), Poland (Byalistock), Slovenia (Ljubljana) and Turkey (Tarsus) and addressed at children aged between 6-15 years. The goal of the ECHILDART project is to allow the learner child to grow, develop and express the artistic side of his/her personality.

Furthermore the school has already an internal organization that provides a support system for pupils for the prevention and treatment of behavioral and learning problems. In fact, it has a service of consultancy and advisory formed by specific professional figures like psychologists, educators and a speech therapists.