The Comprehensive School "Ercolano5-Iovino-Scotellaro" proposes itself as an effective teaching and organizational model of the whole educational process of the first cycle of education. Our Institute, through its Educational Plan centred on the relationship between the school, students, family and territory, intends to optimize all the human and material resources, internal and external to the school, and to build efficient organizational, educational and relational conditions. The school is located in the city of Herculaneum, which, as most of the municipalities in the Vesuvius area, is a complex reality, at once difficult and contradictory, since the economic-social decline of the area is reflected not only in the field of culture, but it invests and distorts the same rules of civil coexistence and ethical values.

The school project is oriented on three dimensions:

  • Creation of an education offer centred on large projects, attentive both to the peculiarities and to the real resources of the school, based on what the school has made in the past in order to improve its contents and /or adapt them to the ever changing needs of users
  • Orientation of the students towards conscious choices through the implementation of projects and guidance activities
  • Full integration in the territory through broad cooperation with Institutions, Associations, Services, Sports clubs

The primary school is in direct continuation with the educational and cultural profile of the kindergarten, from which almost all of the children come. The Italian model school for children has the identity of "a living environment, made of relationships and learning", based on the concept of development and welfare of children.

The Comprehensive School "Ercolano5-Iovino-Scotellaro then, proposes itself as a valuable educational and organizational model of the entire educational process of the first cycle of education, aware that the school has taken on also the character of a social phenomenon before than educational.

The School aims at: raising the levels of education; retrieving the abandonment and early school leavers; valuing the excellence according to a "magis" which does not imply a comparison with others in a sort of competition; it is rather to develop, to the fullest extent possible, the capacity to which each person is endowed transforming them into competences through the knowledge and skills.

The school has 3 plexus with 34 classrooms, 3 staff rooms, a theater, 3 media rooms (two for pupils and one for teachers), two artistic laboratories, a gym, a room for students with disabilities, 2 libraries. It is attended by about 900 students and the school staff is made up of about 50 people.

Latest School projects:

  • "E...state insieme!": the project ended in September 2016 and was designed for 126 students, mostly recruited from dropout and border line; it aimed at improving the relationship between pupils and teachers, at reducing discomfort and risk of dropping out, in line with the National Education priorities. It was divided into four workshops: Theater, Design, Music Therapy and Physical Activities, A Day in Radio.
  • "RischiariAMOci": it is in progress and is aimed primarily to students with special needs, at risk of early school leaving or dropout, for a total of 170 students. It consits of four laboratories: Drama and creative Writing, Ceramics, Music and Sports, Support in the main school subjects.