Fifth transnational meeting in Ljbljana, Slovenia

The Fifth Meeting was held in Slovenia from 27th to 31st March 2019. The main aim was the analysis of the results of the third phase. In the framework of this meeting, special attention was paid for the production of the Final Output and the organization of the four national events to be held in May 2019 in each partner country.

The Fifth Meeting was also linked to the third "Short-term joint staff training event" addressed to teachers: under the supervision and the support of the Scientific Coordination Board, teachers and psychologists discussed about the work done during the third phase of the Fairytale Action. 


For the Applicant school:
  Project Coordinator (Monica Malfitano)
  Local Coordinator (Annunziata Punzo)

For EDU lab:
  Scientific Coordinator (Carmine Ciannella)
  Transnational Coordinator (Gemma La Sita)
  Coordinator for the Dissemination (Patrizia Picardi)
  Local Coordination Board (Stefania Ciannella)

For Osnovna sola Vic:
  Local Coordinator (Robin Dewa)
  Psychotherapist (Anja Ibrčič)

For Võnnu Secondary School:   
  Local Coordination Board (Valdek Rohtma)
  Psychotherapist (Jelena Žilkina)

For Scoala gimnaziala Centrala:
  Local Coordinator (Laura Arman)
  Psychotherapist (Lidia Sabo)